Bereavement Therapy

Grief and Bereavement Therapy is sometimes a crucial tool when you lose someone you love.

Losing someone we love can be one of the hardest things we have to face in life. No matter whether it is unexpected or not, facing grief is a difficult journey for everyone. None of us are the same and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, however, accepting help and support through therapy can be incredibly life-changing and help us to process this event so that we can have closure in the long-term.

Our grief and bereavement therapists are incredibly caring and compassionate. They understand every emotion and feeling that can relate to grief and will help you to feel supported. Grief and bereavement therapy will eventually bring you a sense of closure, so that you can help to process your feelings and find peace within.

Bereavement therapy is offered by many of our therapists and aims to help you to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Therapy supports you in dealing with your grief and understanding the different stages. Many people experience feelings of extreme sadness, guilt and even anger, and if these feelings are not processed, it’s possible that grief can affect your mental health. Most people talk to their friends and family but sometimes it’s helpful to be able to speak to someone who is not emotionally connected, and a professional therapist who has had much experience in this area.

Nearly everyone will experience a feeling of loss when a loved one passes away. Many we will mourn loved ones openly and straightaway, but sometimes it can take a while for us to process what has happened and let it sink in. Often everyday life can feel a huge challenge and our usual tasks and chores can leave us feeling exhausted. This is normal and it’s important to give ourselves time and space to manage our feelings and thoughts, to be kind to ourselves no matter what others expect of us. A bereavement therapist will help you to understand the stages of grief, how they can impact your life and explain why you are feeling so overwhelmed. Just talking through each stage of your feelings will help. Do not be afraid of showing emotion with our therapists, they are used to this and can offer you their caring support. It’s also important to note that some people do not feel sad or emotional – we are all different.

MindSpace 247 specialises in supporting clients who are bereaved. We offer bereavement phone sessions which are strictly confidential and private. Many people choose to book repeat sessions so that they know they have ongoing support for the time the need it most. You can book with the same therapist to ensure you feel confident and comfortable, and during the first session you will be encouraged to talk about your loss. Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, we can guarantee that at the end of the first session, you will feel calmer.

It’s important to recognise that if grief is not processed with good support, it can eventually impact your everyday life. Many people report that grief is affecting their diet, their sleep, anxiety, moods and potentially bringing on depression. Our therapists are here to help you and they aim to eventually lift your spirits so that you can bring back balance to your well-being and mental health.



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