Many people seek out divorce counselling to help them come to terms with the end of their marriage. Even if you are the person that decided to end the relationship, you may experience anxiety, depression and other emotional challenges once it has come to a close. If you have been in a relationship for a particularly long time, you may find it difficult to make sense of your new situation. Some people feel able to move on from a serious relationship very quickly, but others take much longer to process what has happened. This explains why so many people wait many years before they start a new relationship once a long partnership has come to an end.

A separation and divorce counsellor can provide the support you need to move on and let go of the past. If you have children with your former partner, they will remain in your life. This can make it even harder to move on from the relationship. Although most of us enter marriage hoping it will last for a lifetime, this frequently isn’t the case. People can change dramatically throughout a marriage, as can their needs, desires and interests. Once your marriage is over, it’s understandable that your mental health may be impacted. Your life has been turned upside down and you have failed or let your children or family down, or it might seem that way?  Your separation and divorce counsellor can help you overcome these negative feelings and make you more positive about the future.

Divorce counselling shouldn’t be confused with mediation. During mediation, you work with a professional to identify practical solutions about children, assets and financial settlements. Many couples use a mediator to avoid court, which can be incredibly time-consuming, expensive and stressful. You may opt for one-to-one divorce counselling sessions with a counsellor or may attend them with your partner.

Get help with separation and divorce

When you get the support of a divorce counsellor, you will be able to talk about your feelings in a calm environment. You won’t be judged but will be encouraged to air anything that’s troubling you. Your counselling sessions may give you a better understanding of why the relationship broke down and help you decide what you want from a future partner.

Divorce counselling isn’t about mending the relationship. It takes place when the decision to split has already been made and is focused on ensuring both partners feel respected, supported and listened to. Separation and Divorce counselling can help you reach a stage of closure, with all information you give remaining confidential.

If you need help with processing and working your way through your feelings about your divorce, it’s wise to get counselling as soon as possible. We can help you whether you need counselling for yourself or your former partner too. Although the future may seem uncertain or even bleak now, things may turn out much more pleasant and fulfilling than you expect. Counselling can also work for you if you weren’t married to your partner but were with them for a long time. If the end of your relationship has left you troubled and has impacted your mental and emotional health, it’s wise to get help as soon as you can.  Counselling can improve your general well-being, leaving you more energised, motivated and ready to move onto the next chapter.

If you weren’t the one that instigated the divorce, you may feel confused, abandoned, angry, rejected and fearful of the future. By enlisting the support of a counsellor, you can overcome these feelings and avoid any bitterness which might affect your children and your long-term mental and physical health. The partner who made the final decision may also be struggling with emotions like guilt and depression, especially if family and children are involved. Again, divorce counselling can support you throughout this part of the relationship.

Prepare for the next chapter

Counselling can also prepare you for your new-found freedom and help you make the most of it. It can prepare you to re-enter the dating scene if you are interested in meeting someone new and can help you like yourself again if you are blaming yourself for the end of the relationship. It can also help to get you enjoying your own company again.


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