Family relationships can be difficult and stressful, yet for most people, their families are the most important people in the world!

Most of us know our family members inside out and as these are often the closest people to us, we tend to have no barriers in saying how we feel, venting or offloading on them. Sometimes relations will say they know you better than you know yourself. As families, our natural need is to protect those close to us and regardless of the situation, we are always likely to point out mistakes. What we really want for our families is for them to be happy, safe and protected but this instinctive want can often be met with arguments.

When children reach late teenage years, their natural desire is to become independent yet they have limited experience in ‘true life’. Disagreements and arguments can cause tension in the household and sometimes influence relationships between parents and siblings.

There is no limit to when disagreements can happen in families, whether the family members involved are young or old, it can often be very difficult to overcome disputes, agree to disagree – and somehow carry on life as normal. It can be hurtful and many feel they lack the support and encouragement they once had in their family. This is where family therapy comes in, it’s about gaining an understanding between you so that the situation can be resolved as much as possible, allowing for relationships to heal.

Many of us need support from our families regardless of the circumstances in life. We ask for advice and for encouragement when we are making important life decisions, and we often yearn for our family’s blessing in any choice we make. But family life isn’t always easy and situations can cause tension and stress which sometimes can be the trigger of relationships breaking down. Family Therapy helps you to be able to talk to each other in a ‘safe’ environment and therapists can easily identify how the situation needs to be resolved, encouraging the communication and freedom to speak openly. Family disagreements often result in a lack of respect for each other, so family therapy will work on gaining back respect and understanding between you.

There are many outside influences in life that can impact the relationship between family members, creating a break down of relationships and disharmony in the home. Whether it stems from money issues, working environment, romantic relationships, substance abuse, lying or disrespecting the family space, family therapy works to resolve matters and improve communication. Our therapists offer a non-judgemental and supportive service to provide you with the tools that you need to find solutions in family relationships.

We often see that issues within families can occur when a marriage or break up has happened and the children and parents are struggling with the changes.  Feelings such as sadness and anger can build up resentment and tension, so it’s important that this is dealt with by using family therapy.

Family Therapy and Children

Even if disagreements are between you and your partner, your children will undoubtedly be affected. Children deal with their feelings in different ways, some may be quite open with their thoughts and be able to voice them maturely. Whereas others will suffer silently – this can be damaging for their mental and emotional health. In the same way, if you have a new partner or you have remarried, a child can feel pushed out or not really feel comfortable or relaxed at home. Family therapy allows children the safe space to be able to express how they are feeling, to be able to talk through their concerns or thoughts in a more relaxed environment.


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