No relationship is perfect.

Relationships are one of the most important things in life. We all want to be loved and we all want to give love. But what happens when there are challenges, and the relationship doesn’t quite seem as easy? Often communication is key, and without good communication, arguments happen or we just forget how to talk to each other respectfully. Communication is not the only issue that can cause disagreements in relationships, there are many factors in life which can impact couples.

Couples Therapy is becoming more and more common as couples long to get back the devoted happiness and passion in their relationship from the early days. In fact, most couples do not only reignite their love for each other, but the majority of relationships are even better than they ever were before.

Couples Therapy offers a couple the space and time to begin to learn to communicate again. The therapist acts as a mediator, supporting and advising individually and as a couple. We have many therapists who specialise in couples, relationships and marriages, helping you to talk through negative experiences, patterns, beliefs and concerns that may be influencing your relationship. Some people feel negative towards their partner or stuck in a rut, some may feel neglected or disrespected. Couples Therapy helps you both to resolve matters and repair any negative feelings towards each other. It also helps you to understand how relationships inevitably change over time, and how you can both come to a loving and supportive understanding again.

Many outside factors can impact your relationship. Whether it’s work stress, children, other family members or your home life – there are many things in life that can influence a partnership. Home life has especially become more stressful since Covid-19 where couples are having to work and live in the same space, often having to home-school their children at the same time. More and more couples are reaching for support and therapy since the pandemic – look after your relationship during this time with Couples Therapy.

How can MindSpace 24/7 help?

Our highly skilled Couples therapists have years of experience in helping and supporting couples through difficult times with impressive results. If you have outside influences impacting your relationship, we help you to talk this through to find a solution in resolving the situation. We understand that therapy can be difficult for many people, especially when they are frightened of losing their relationship. However, our therapists will create a ‘safe space’ for you both to be able to talk and open up about your feelings. Couples Therapy has a significantly positive result in helping relationships to get back on track.

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