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Whatever stage you are at in your journey, the feelings and experiences nurtured as part of a committed relationship or marriage can be an incredible thing. Some will be at the start of their journey to find love, others will be in the initial stages of a relationship or may have hit a rough patch and searching for a resolution or clarity.

Falling in love and maintaining a relationship comes with its own challenges. Poor communication or negative communication can be one of the biggest issues faced, which can damage the balance of a relationship, regardless of the stage. Stressors on a relationship can arise from various issues such as money troubles, children, sexual issues, health, and stress, which can also put additional strain on a couple. However, working through them can either bring them closer together or push them apart depending on how they work together to overcome challenges.


Working through marriage and relationship problems in a healthy way can be difficult and is one of the main reasons why people seek help from a qualified relationship therapist.

Trying to work through the difficulties in a relationship can be a struggle, and when you have been with your partner for several years, you can at times feel like you are stuck in a rut, losing sight of what your partners and or your own needs are.

If you feel your relationship needs some TLC, a marriage/relationship therapist can help you get the perspective you need, allowing you to move past repetitive arguments, treating the underlying issues that cause them. Marriage and relationship therapists can help you re-learn how to communicate in a respectful, clear, and effective way without repeatedly clashing on the same issues.

Common signs or challenges suggesting you may want to consider support from a marriage and relationship therapist:

  1. Arguing over the same issues repeatedly, but failing to come to a resolution
  2. Trouble dealing with or coming to terms with a loss
  3. Fear or lack of confidence speaking to each other about challenges or worries
  4. Feeling your relationship has lost sexual intimacy or romantic chemistry
  5. Keeping secrets from each other or being untruthful
  6. Dishonesty about finances
  7. Feel your relationship is on auto pilot and stuck in a rut
  8. Dealing with substance abuse, infidelity, or mental health issues
  9. Feeling unheard or that your partner is emotionally unavailable

Marriage and relationship therapy has helped many couples overcome rocky patches and strengthen their relationships. However, it may be the case that your partner is reluctant or unwilling to participate in therapy. You can make the decision to receive therapy sessions alone and if you feel the sessions have been successful or beneficial, your partner may wish to join you at a later stage.


Getting relationship help through therapy sessions is not a sign of weakness or failure. Many couples go through difficult periods as we are all presented with a host of challenges as we go through life, especially after the initial honeymoon period of a relationship.

Marriage and relationship therapy typically takes place over several session. Many couples will do all they can to save their relationships, however, all too often couples seek help from a therapist at a late stage before declaring the relationship over. A qualified relationship therapist can help you address the relationship issues that you are facing more effectively, working towards rescuing your relationship. They can use their skills and experience to give you a better understanding of the root causes of conflicts and how to deal with them.

Marriage and relationship therapy can help you rediscover romantic chemistry and intimacy, finding new ways to enjoy each other’s company. If you have been with your partner for several years, therapy is a helpful way to help you remember what initially attracted you to each other. Not every couple who seeks out relationship therapy stays together; however, it does have a compelling reputation for saving relationships and helping couples to effectively understand the relationship between the past and the present, allowing them to work towards overcoming everything from differing parenting values and life choices to infidelity and mistrust.


Marriage and relationship therapy can give you the external perspective needed to help you make sense of the problems and worries you are trying to deal with. Therapy sessions provide you with an opportunity to air your grievances in a calm and constructive way in an environment in which you both feel listened to and respected. If you have children, conflict may be affecting them more than you realise, even if they haven’t showed their concerns. Therapy sessions can therefore help you work towards creating a happier and more positive atmosphere in your home, where everyone feels listened to and appreciated.Therapy can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to help you both to communicate more effectively.

An experienced therapist can get to the root of the issue to identify solutions, giving you the support and help you need to find new ways to restore balance and harmony within your relationship. You will learn how to be assertive and express yourself without offending your partner or hurting their feelings. Your relationship is more likely to improve if you feel able to voice your concerns calmly without displaying resentment or anger.


At MindSpace 247 we believe each couple is different, and our highly skilled marriage and relationship therapists will closely examine your individual situation to identify the best way to help you overcome a wide range of relationship problems and challenges in a comforting and empathetic manner.

For some, marriage and relationship therapy may be seen as a last resort, however if you recognise the signs that you need help, it’s best not to wait until your relationship is on the edge before seeking help. Even if things don’t work out after you’ve gone through marriage therapy together, you may still learn how to communicate more effectively. This could be especially important if you have children together and will therefore actively be part of each other’s lives.

Whatever your relationship challenges, our experienced therapists are here for you 24 hours a day to provide you with insightful advice and support through challenging times, guiding you towards a more confident future.


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