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MindSpace 247 brings you 24-hour support for your mental health, wherever you are. We are on a mission to improve the mental health of every adult by making therapy as common as speaking with your GP.


Why choose MindSpace 247?

• There's no need to book in advance
• There's no need for GP referrals
• Speak to a therapist from your phone
• Call anytime from anywhere
• Easy to use service
• Secure and strictly confidential
• Vast range of highly skilled therapists
• If all you need is a chat or someone to listen, we are here for you

Calm the mind, get some mind space

Simple to connect and available 24/7 

We are not an emergency or crisis service and only offer services for those who are 18 years and over.

All calls are recorded for compliance and privacy reasons but never shared. The caller must have the bill payers’ permission if paying by credit card.

How It Works

To book your session, simply follow the step-by-step guide below and connect with MindSpace 247 today!

Step 1


View all our coaches and therapists here. You can read about their skills and expertise to choose the best one for you today.

Step 2


Call us to book in your session with our highly qualified coaches or therapists. Your session time will start only when you are connected.

Step 3


Our caring receptionists will guide you through the service process and take your details before connecting you with your chosen coach or therapist.

Step 4


You will then be connected to your coach or therapist. Every conversation is completely confidential between the two of you. Call back anytime to speak with us again.

Do not use this service for emergency medical needs. If you experience a non life threatening emergency or you are seriously ill and require urgent attention, call your in-country emergency services immediately. Please see our Emergency Resources section.

Callers must be 18 or over. Sessions under UK law only.

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