It can be very stressful if you feel you're not able to be open about your sexuality. Confusion about what sex you are attracted to can also be painful and sometimes impact your mental health. If you are experiencing sexual health issues in your relationship, this may be causing tension between you. Find out how we can help you...

Our therapists are here to help you through any challenges you might be facing at the moment with your sexuality. Being able to talk about your feelings on something so personal can be very difficult, but with our highly skilled and caring therapists, it might be easier than you expect.  

You can say anything you want to talk about to a therapist and they are non-judgemental and very understanding in their approach. All our therapy sessions are strictly confidential so this is a 'safe space' for you to talk through your feelings.

What is Sexual Therapy?

Sexual Therapy at MindSpace 247 provides a caring and compassionate service where you can talk through anything, whether it's sexual orientation, sexual fears or not feeling you can be open with friends and family. Our sexual therapists have years of experience in their professional work, so you have the reassurance of getting the support you need and knowing that we will help you to feel happier with your sexuality.

What Sexual issues can be helped with therapy?

It's actually quite common for people to talk to sex therapists because they feel much more comfortable with a therapist rather than speaking to friends or family. A professional therapist can also advise you based on their expertise and they will know if there is a solution to your issue. If you have a physical sexual problem, then your therapist may refer you to talk it through with your GP. A sexual therapist can also help you if the issue is impacting your relationship and try to resolve it so that you can enjoy a long-term sexual relationship together.

Couples Sexual Therapy

Some couples decide to seek help if there is a lacking in their sexual relationship. Couples sexual therapy can either take place with both of you present with the therapist, or individually - whichever you both prefer and feel most comfortable with.

Can sexuality therapy help you?

Most of us will agree that a healthy sex life brings a sense of satisfaction and togetherness. Whether you want therapy because you are confused about your sexuality or want to know how to be open about it - or you want to resolve issues so you can have a satisfying sexual relationship, our therapists can help you. Some people are influenced by negative past experiences and they can be difficult to overcome unless you get professional help.

What happens in a sexual therapy session?

In a sexual therapy session, your therapist will encourage you to talk openly about your concerns and feelings so a therapy plan can be put together for you. Your therapy may also give you some tasks to think about between sessions. Sexual therapy can take place with just you or you can attend with your partner or spouse.

Will you feel comfortable talking?

Many people feel worried or embarrassed about discussing their feelings with a sexual therapist, but our therapists have years of experience and are highly skilled in this area. There is no need to be embarrassed and seeking help just means that you want to improve your life or relationship.

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