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Mental health problems are one of the key reasons for employee sickness and poor performance.


  • In 2018 17.5 million work days were lost due to mental health concerns - That's nearly 1 day per employee! *
  • The cost of mental health problems to an organisation is estimated to be £1,035 per employee per year *
  • The average employee takes 7 days off per annum - 40% of those are with mental health problems *
  • £15.1 billion are lost due to presenteeism * (the inability to focus whilst at work) - That's 1.5 time more than because of absenteeism 
  • £2.4 billion is spent replacing staff who leave due to mental health problems *
  • Less than 10% of people with mental health problems are in contact with any kind of mental health service *


Here at MindSpace 247 we have created some amazing packages for businesses of all sizes to not only get your staff back to work but to be positive and productive in and out of work as well.

For small businesses an investment from as little as a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription (per employee) will help support your employees in whatever daily challenges present themselves. Much less for larger organisations.

Supporting your employees overall mental health will help build their resilience and could reap a 4 times return on your investment.

  • Prevention is better than cure!
  • No hidden fees!
  • Unlimited sessions for everyone!
Whether you are a trade organisation, an SME, charity or corporate business we will create the right package for you.


The Challenge with mental health care

Access to mental health care is incredibly challenging. There are many reasons for this—for one, access is primarily based on who can pay a premium hourly rate, and that means that the people who need it most might not be able to get it—a very human cost of the mis-allocation of healthcare resources. As we are seeing with the demand for 1:1 support, you can pay individually to get to the front of the queue. However, this drives up cost, is expensive, and isn’t equitable for those who may not be able to pay.

Our Business Services solve the problem.

Paying a monthly subscription for all your employees allows them access to mental health care at any time, from wherever they are, whenever they need it and as often as they want.


How it Works...

  1. Sign your organisation up for mental health care therapy services.
  2. We will provide you with a dedicated phone number and unique company ID to issue to all your staff.
  3. Your staff can contact us anytime 24/7 to book their preferred coach or therapist - they just quote your company's unique ID and their preferred therapists pin number.
  4. One of our coordinators will then connect them with their therapist.

Your staff members can book time and again following the same process - They can call us from anywhere, at whatever time suits them best.

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