6 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship in 2023

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It’s the start of a new year and Valentine’s day is only a couple weeks away. For some couples this is a time of positive anticipation but for others it’s full of uncertainty and doubts. But a new year doesn’t need to be something to fear. This article will talk you through some tips and tricks to help you strengthen your relationship so that you can face 2023 with renewed confidence and hope.

1. Address key questions about your relationship: Sitting down and talking about your relationship will help you start this year on the same page. Some questions you can discuss include:

  • What can we do to improve our friendship?
  • How will we handle disagreements and resolve them?
  • How can we keep the fun in our relationship?
  • What is the priority in our relationship?
  • What can we work on individually to improve our relationship?
  • What relationship milestones would we like to reach this year?

2. Practice mindful communication: Healthy communication is key to maintaining a relationship and navigating disagreements. When addressing problems, avoid targeted attacks like “you need to stop/start…” or “I hate how you…” and instead focus on positive framed statements like “we need to..” and “I don’t like the way x effects our relationship, how can we change this?”.

3. Make time for each other: Making time for your partner on a regular basis ensures that they remain a priority in your life. This can be as simple as having dinner together regularly or helping them out with a problem or worry they’re facing.

4. Go on dates: Going on regular dates, whether that’s to a restaurant, a cinema, or an activity like mini golf, will ensure that fun and friendship stay central to your relationship.

5. Do nice things for each other regularly: You don’t need to be constantly expressing major declarations of love; doing little things to show how much you care about your partner and think about their needs creates space for emotional intimacy.

6. Spend time with friends and family as a couple: Going out and socialising with your partner brings them into all aspects of your life, as both a friend, a partner, and a member of your family.

Open and mindful communication should be a priority to any and all relationships. Ensuring that you listen, understand, and act on the needs of your partner will help you maintain an intimate and healthy relationship throughout 2023.

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